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Behold, The Iceblink

I got a couple of nice drops from Baal on Normal, this is how I plan on using them in Nightmare difficulty.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2019-09-17 13:07

Character selection screen, Diablo 2

I was just making my last moves with my Barbarian before calling it a day, and decided killing Baal on Normal was going to be it. It turned out this was a good decision.

Right before killing Baal, I switched to my Magic Find (MF) ring (which was my only MF item at the time), and two uniques dropped right in front of me. Goldwrap (heavy belt), and Iceblink (Splint Mail).

I plan on using the Goldwrap as part of my MF equipment, and Iceblink to help me on my path to Hell difficulty.

Iceblink - Splint Mail

Upgraded Iceblink, Rosset Armor

Iceblink is just awesome with the Freezes Target ability. I already upgraded the Iceblink Armor to the exceptional version, which turns it into a Russet Armor with the same attributes.

Except for the added Freezes Target, Iceblink has awful stats. However, one has to keep in mind, when enemies are frozen, they are also not dealing any damage. It is therefor a very powerful armor early on in the game.

Since I am playing on Hardcore, with the /player 8 setting, I am happy about obtaining anything that can mitigate damage. I simply can not afford to die. It takes way to long to start over :-D

Freezes Target will effectively stop 100% damage from reaching you, if you can keep the targets frozen. For a whirlwind barbarian, that is not very hard.

I ended up using this all the way to ACT5 on Nightmare. It is that good!

Goldwrap - Heavy Belt

Goldwrap, Heavy Belt

Goldwrap has the best MF in the game, found on a belt. It also has 10% Increased Attack Speed, which even makes it a decent belt to have equipped all the time.

The extra gold is not bad either, since you can use gold to gamble with. Gambling has a small chance of getting you a unique item, but rare items seem to be easy to obtain this way. I usually gamble rings and amulets, but early on I also go for swords and other items. Remember, rare weapons and swords can be upgraded to exceptional or elite versions, which makes this a very easy way to obtain decent weapons early on.

Gambling weapons is very useful when playing with the /player 8 setting, since you will likely struggle to deal enough damage otherwise – unless you get lucky with your drops.

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  1. In this article, I will cover my playthrough as a Barbarian using the 8 player setting, and how I manage to deal enough damage.
  2. Certain rune words are normally not available in Single Player Diablo 2.
  3. Hardcore mode is totally and utterly broken in both Torchlight and Diablo.

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