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Supreme Ruler 2020 Ultimate

Short review focusing on Supreme Ruler 2020 Ultimate


By. Jacob

Created: 2018-03-19 13:54

One of my favorite strategy games is Supreme Ruler 2020, tough I have not yet played the later versions of the game, such as Supreme Ruler Cold War (2010), Supreme Ruler 1936 (2014), Supreme Ruler Ultimate (2017).

I brought the 2020 ultimate version via steam, and I am still playing it occasionally. The only problem is, my only working computer is currently a i3 laptop with 8gb of ram, and I am not sure it will run very well on this system. I fear it will be even slower than my old desktop.

I used to run it on an old AMD Athlon II X2, which was also too slow. The in-game time would progress dead slow, and as far as I remember, it would take minutes to complete just a single day. This meant that a single game could take many days to complete. I have actually not even completed a game yet, since something would often happen to break my concentration. I would get busy in real life, or some hardware component would fail (it is an old computer after all).

Last time I had hardware failure, it was the PSU that died, and I have not replaced it yet. I am planning on upgrading to an AMD Ryzen CPU once I can afford it. Then I will also buy a new PSU along with a new motherboard + RAM + SSD.

The gameplay in SR2020

Despite the slow in-game time, it is still hugely entertaining to play. The game runs real time, unlike certain other "grand strategy" games. Personally I really dislike turn based computer games. So, this is a huge plus for me.

The game is really complex, and it actually took me a while to figure out how to make money and manage a country. Transporting units is another challenge, since it can be difficult to load units into transporters, and also keep them supplied along the way. I found one of the easiest ways to transport units, is by using a big cargo airplane like C-5A Galaxy or AN-225 Cossack. Some transporters can almost not carry anything, and seem like a waste of time to even use because of the micro-management involved with loading units. That is unfortunate, but using the largest available transporters somewhat solve that problem.

Sometimes when loading land units into cargo-ships, the ships will get stuck, and you have to continuously click to get the ship close enough. This can be a huge annoyance at times when you depend on that fast unload of troops.

Some people have also complained that the AI is too inactive, and while this is true to some extent, I actually think just roaming around, conquering other countries, can be great fun. At times, I could miss having more consequences in the game. But maybe this is a feature in later versions of the game. Having actual reactions from AI players would also be fun. In the original, getting thrown out of the United Nations is one of the only consequence. There are also other, less noticeable consequence, such as sanctions on trade, but you do not get notified about them, which can be confusing for beginners.