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Will Abandoned Towns Repopulate in Supreme Ruler 2020?

Let us examine whether Abandoned Towns will repopulate in Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Edition.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2021-12-25 12:34

I was wondering whether an abandoned town will repopulate in Supreme Ruler 2020, and according to a discussion on bgforums it apparently does.

Towns may be abandoned from the start, or they might be abandoned through enduring bombardment by artillery.

However interesting it may be, gameplay wise it does not really matter or add much.

But, it is perhaps more realistic to allow populations to move/shift around depending on surrounding facilities and cities. For example, if you build more facilities on a hex, then the population should grow — this does not appear to be the case, at least not very fast compared to production output.

One of the developers, Balthagor, said that abandoned towns do repopulate. I guess I have just not played long enough, or paid enough attention, to notice much of a difference.

In my current game I am playing as Denmark, and Narsarsuaq, which is a Town in Greenland, was abandoned. I managed to summon population of around 700 citizens by building a highway to a nearby town, and a couple of Supply Depots in Narsarsuaq, so I guess the answer is, yes, you can make abandoned towns repopulate.


  1. Facilities around abandoned towns/destroyed industrial sites -

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