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Use Supply Depots Increase to Lower Production Costs

How to use supply depots in Supreme Ruler 2020 to increase supply levels and lower production costs.


Edited: 2021-12-25 15:48

Supply Depots can be used to improve the supply level in the surrounding territory of the hex in which they are built, which in turn will decrease production costs and increase your profit on market trades.

Constructing an Air Field or Sea Pier in the same hex will boost the supply generated by supply depots located in the same hex.

Ideally you should build between 2 to 4 supply depots, plus an Air Field in the same hex, depending on the existing supply condition. The hex can be connected with highways or railways as needed to distribute the supply more efficiently. Supply depots are best built on cross roads, centrally, but can also be placed along coast lines if decently connected with roads.

Increasing spending on Infrastructure will improve the supply condition of your territory globally, and the bonus stacks with supply added by supply depots.

Another facility that adds Supply is the Military Fortress.

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