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Weird Censorship in Rise of Empires Personal Messages

Common English words are censored and replaced with asterisk in Rise of Empires; to much annoyance of the players of the game!


Edited: 2020-10-10 17:25

I am having strange issues when people contact me through the Rise of Empires in-game messaging system. Certain ordinary English words are replaced by double asterisk "**", which makes it difficult to communicate with other players using the in-game messaging system.

Examples of words I have seen censored are listed below:

  • is
  • event
  • game

This is a massive annoyance to me. You just do not mess up people's messages like this. Period.

What words have you seen censored? Comment below!


  1. Advanced Teleports are expensive, and no one seem to care about random teleports; the good news is that you can get them in the game, without paying for them, the bad news is that they are rare and expensive.

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