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How to Get Teleports in Rise of Empires

Advanced Teleports are expensive, and no one seem to care about random teleports; the good news is that you can get them in the game, without paying for them, the bad news is that they are rare and expensive.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2020-10-10 17:51

In Rise of Empires there are other ways to obtain Advanced Teleports than buying them for 2000 diamonds, or wasting 400.000 of your hard-earned alliance donation points — you also get them from reward chests occasionally, and you can buy them in the trading house building past level 13.

I have been lucky enough to find an Advanced Teleport by opening chests in hourly challenges a few times; the problem is that these chests are very hard to get for lower level players. It seems it gets easier as the game progresses, but even as level 17, I usually only manage to open the second chest.

Once the first emperor is selected, there are ongoing events where you either gather resources, level up your buildings, or complete research; I am now a level 17 castle, and just recently noticed an Advanced Teleport in a challenge reward, but I have also gotten one from a chest in my inventory.

Normally, the price for a teleport is set at 2000 gems, or 400.000 points in the alliance store — for just one teleport!

This is massively overpriced for lower level players. It seems the higher level players are using them all the time, so presumably it becomes easier to build up reserve stacks as one progresses in the game. Keep in mind that this is a pay to win game, unfortunately, so it could also be that other players are just buying them with real money.

If the game developers wanted to balance the game more, then they ought to put a 48 hours cold down on teleport use, since they are being abused to bully lower level players all the time. People should really be forced to think before they use a teleport.

How to get Advanced Teleports in Rise of Empires

There are various ways to get teleports once you have progressed enough, but they are not really optimal. For example, the Traiding House building will sometimes have them once upgraded to level 13, but often it will offer them in exchange for gems instead of resources — although at a tiny discount.

If you are lucky, you may also find teleports inside of chest rewards when completing challenges.

Again, the pay-to-win aspect of the game breaks the fun, since the only way to get an on-demand teleport is by buying it using gems, and gems are hard to come by without buying them with real money.

Once you do find teleports, I recommend you save them for later. Do not waste them on revenge attacks or activities that does not at least earn you enough long-term benefit to make up for the use of a teleport.

Why are Alliance teleports not free?

A teleport offered by your alliance leader is not free as far as I can tell. This has caused a lot of confusion and set backs for my alliance, since we believed them to be free when sent by the leader; and we moved location due to bullies attacking us a couple of times, which caused some of our players to get stuck in the old locations. This is very bad game design IMO!

As far as I can tell, we do get one free alliance teleport when we start the game and first join an alliance, but subsequent teleports — even teleport invitations sent by the alliance leader — will consume one Advanced Teleport or cost 2000 gems.

If players do not have an Advanced Teleport in their inventory, they will instead be asked to spend 2000 gems in order to complete the teleportation.

You can also teleport by selecting a plot on the world map and choosing "teleport" from the menu that opens, so you do not need to wait for your alliance leader to send you a teleport.

To make matters worse, sometimes when I invite players to teleport, they do not seem to get a notification or an invitation in their in-game mail. This is causing extra confusion around how teleportation works for new players, and it is probably a bug in the game.

Also, sometimes , when I have already sent a teleport invitation to a player, the game will not allow me to send another one. A popup just opens saying:

You've sent an invitation to this player

The message is likely mistranslated, as it basically means that an invitation "was sent" — it should instead say something like: "an invitation has already been sent to this player".

I do not know what the cold-down timer is on teleport invitations, but regardless, the players can just select a plot near you and select "teleport" from the menu; teleport invitations are really no different than using an Advanced Teleport.

There is also something called an "Alliance teleport", but it seems we only get one of them for free when first joining an Alliance — they are not given by the act of sending teleport invitations to alliance members.

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  1. Common English words are censored and replaced with asterisk in Rise of Empires; to much annoyance of the players of the game!

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