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I DIED on Hardcore, barb lvl 72 RIP lol

It happened. I was tired, and not paying attention. Plus I encountered a tough place in the game.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2018-09-09 13:36

Level 1 Barbarian, Diablo 2

I died after reaching level 72 with my Barb. Ok. Admittedly I have almost died on this character before, and I quickly hit Escape - Save and exit to avoid death. But it was so early in the game that I did not bother allowing myself to die. I still felt wrong about it though.

So. What is the plan? To start over. This time not playing when tired. Not thinking about other things while playing.

My goal still is to beat Hell difficulty with a Barbarian on Hardcore. It will just take a few more days.

However. I have actually cleared everything up until Nihlathak on Act5. Not that clearing everything was a goal. It was just more fun. To save time, I will try to avoid spending time clearing everything in this round, and instead rely more on what I learned.

I think I might miss the drops though. I found a lot of runes just clearing everything, but I also wasted a lot of them on stupid shit.

How I died

Act5 on Hardcore with a barb, Diablo 2

There is a dangerous place called Halls of Vaught, coincidentally the level where Nihlathak hangs out. But, it was not Nihlathak who got the pleasure of killing me. Right after entering the level, I was surrounded by Vipers. It literally felt like I was dead in just a few hits.

This is just the danger of playing on Hardcore. I guess the game is flawed in that it has Monsters by an entrance. However, I just have to remember that this place is dangerous. Do not enter until you are ready!

I was still using my Iceblink at this point, but it seems the monsters are too high level, as the freeze affect does not seem as effective in this place. I think it may be affected by your own level. In any case, this Body Armor is insanely overpowered. So maybe it is best I died. Now I need to be careful again.

It was very easy for me to reach Act5, since Iceblink kept the enemies frozen, and as a result I lost very little life. I guess it made me careless, WW'ing into huge crowds sometimes.. (Stupid)

I have a life

I really enjoy playing this game, which is surprising me, because I only play in Single Player. In the past, I would think it was boring to play in SP. This has however been quite fun, and I still seem to learn new things about the game, despite having played it since it came out (on/off)..

However. I feel bad about the time I spend playing, when I could be hanging out with friends or talking with girls.

I currently study Multimedia Design, and when I am home from school, playing this game has sort-of become my chill time. I guess it is not bad, since I am often too tired after school to go out anyway. I decided to create this blog, so that it will not be a total waste of time.

Oh yeah.. My computer CPU (i3) is likely too weak to play Diablo 3. I have not tried though... Ha

I better get back to the game, and maybe time it this time. My guess is that it will take at least a couple of days to reach Nightmare again, but we will see!

Today at 15:35 I start my new Barb. I will note the time i spend playing every day, to see how long it takes me to get back to where I died..

Oh, the glorious memories! :-D

Reached Act3 Nightmare, with a barb, Diablo 2

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