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Jumping in the Original Doom

The original Doom games does not allow players to jump, but it can be enabled in modern 3D engines like Doomsday and GZDoom.


Edited: 2022-08-14 08:59

Doom 1 and 2 did not have "jumping" built-in, but there are jumping mods to the original game, as well as never 3D ports that allows to configure a button to jump.

Unfortunately, the original Doom levels are not designed with jumping in mind, so in the original levels it is the equivalent of cheating.

Jumping was added to Hexen and Strife.

The original Doom experience

For the optimal experience, classic Doom 1 and 2 are best played without jumping. It is actually still fun to play the original levels in cooperative mode over the internet or local network (LAN), and even better with enhanced graphics provided by source ports.

Modern 3D engines such as Doomsday and GZDoom enhance the graphics, but also allows you to enable jumping; it is best you keep it disabled to get closer to the original experience. Only maps designed with jumping in mind should have jumping.

The highest a player can step up without jumping is 24 map units.

Some original maps have short walls to block the passage to keys or other items, in order to frustrate the players progress, if jumping is enabled it will be easy to circumvent such blocks, and thereby finish the map more easily.

Steps and ladders

When creating maps for Doom, a way to simulate a "ladder" is by using narrow steps. E.g. 64x1 and 24 units tall, and note that Monsters may not like to walk on tiny steps.

Monsters may need more step-width than players do, but the maximum step height for monsters is still 24 map units.

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