How to make money in supreme ruler 2020

How you can make money, and increase your natural cash flow in the end.


Edited: 2018-03-18 13:39

The strategy of how to make money in supreme ruler 2020, usually depends on which country you start with, and which kind gameplay you prefer.

However, some countries are short on certain resources which can directly effect the gameplay choices early in the game. For instance, a shortage of coal could lead you to construct alternative power plants instead of coal power plants – at least in the beginning - to save money on importation of coal.

Some of the preferred methods to make money are listed below:

  1. Ensuring adequate supply
  2. Domestic sales and automatic exports of commodities
  3. Trading Lump sumps to other nations

How supply affect the economy

The supply will directly effect the production cost of commodities, so ensuring that factories and power plants are abundantly supplied is going to drastically lower production costs. With lower production costs, you will typically make more money. Both on domestic sales and exports.

You can improve the supply by building supply depots and increasing your spending on infrastructure. Building Rails and roads also help. Keep in mind that roads have a movement boost for units, while rails do not. Therefor it may be best to build rails in location where your units rarely need to move around. Roads and rails provide the same amount of supply.

Trading with other nations

It is also possible to trade with other nations, but there is a huge balance exploit that allow the player to sometimes buy commodities from AI players, and then sell it at a much higher price, buy it back, and repeat. Therefor it is recommended that you only sell commodities that has been produced by yourself, or perhaps even better, leave it at automatic exports only – to avoid spoiling the gameplay.

Another problem, is that it is possible to sell technolegeis to other players. In theory, this allows the player to go on a technology selling spree early in the game, and make a lot of money simply by selling techs.

Adjusting taxes and social spending

Increasing taxes and lowering social spending can increase income, but it can also have the opposite effect. This is because lowering your social spending may cause people to buy less commodities (domestic sales), and decreasing spending on infrastructure will usually be very harmful for your supply, which in turn is going to increase production costs.

Changes typically takes many days or months before they are fully carried out, but even just days after making changes, you may be able to observe the effects, and see whether your economy responded positively or negatively. Beware, however, that some changes may appear to be profitable in the early stage, but might cause severe damage in the long term.

Always monitor the quality rating, especially for infrastructure!

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