Transport units in Supreme Ruler 2020

Learn how to use transporters in for resupplying and transportation in Supreme Ruler 2020.


Edited: 2018-03-18 13:33

If your land or sea units appear to "get stuck" in supreme ruler 2020, it is likely because they have run out of fuel. You can re-fuel your units by sending a transport unit to the area. Transport units can both be used to transport other units, and to re-supply units that are running out of ammo or fuel.

If a battle does not seem to progress and your units appear underpowered, despite having a larger army than your enemy, then it may be because they are running out of ammo. Always make sure your invading army is properly supplied with fuel and ammo. You should also make sure to have enough petroleum and military goods to support your army.

It is often best to send an air-transporter, which typically has larger cargo capacity than land units. It is also able to travel both faster, and further.

The following transport units are among the best, and their unit designs can be traded for early in doing a game.

Name Type Cargo Capacity Reach (km) Speed (km/h)
AOE-1 Sacramento Water 33000 18520 48
AN-225 Cossack Air 3000 8000 850
C-5A Galaxy Air 1572 10410 919
Heavy Supply Truck Land 240 483 88

You may be able to trade the unit designs for the AN-225 Cossack from Ukraine, and the C-5A Galaxy and AOE-1 Sacramento from the United States.

Transporting units

To transport units, you will typically need to move them to an Air Field (for air-transporters), or a Sea Pier (for sea-transporters). Helicopters can land anywhere and do not need an Air Field.

To make land units enter the cargo of your transporters, first select them, then choose the "Load into" command from among the UNIT ORDERS and click on the transporter you want the unit to be loaded into.

For a unit to be able to load, it has to weigh less than the cargo capacity of the unit, any remaining cargo space will be filled with supplies.

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