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Abandoned Terraforming Project Event

I just hate the Abandoned Terraforming Project event, it has caused the unfortunate loss of two colonies and a great amount of frustration.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-01-09 14:23

The Abandoned Terraforming Project event has a small chance of being triggered after establishing a new colony. The event basically sucks, because you need to be prepared to deal with deformed creatures slaughtering your entire colony — which makes no sense by the way.

To successfully defend against this event it seems you need at least 4 or 5 transport ships, since, for some reason, each transport ship only carries one invasion unit.

You need to have the transport ships located in the system from the start, otherwise you will not have enough time to defend. If you have no transporters, bad luck, because you have no time to build and dispatch them before your colony is lost.

Generally I dislike the event system in Stellaris, because it constantly bombards you with in-game popups, and really strange and annoying things can happen, like this event, which might destroy a colony.

Deformed Creatures

The aborted terraforming process on [colony name] has finally been completed. After seeding the atmosphere with billions of terraforming nanites, the alien bio-engineering machinery has significantly altered conditions on the surface.

Something appears to have gone wrong when the nanites designed the [planet or moon]'s new biota, however. They have spawned millions of horribly deformed creatures. Most of them died within moments when their twisted bodies collapsed, but the survivors have massed together in a throbbing, shrieking horde. To make matters worse, they appear to be flocking towards our main settlements!

Let's be realistic, the only way to successfully defend against this is if you already know what the event is; new players will be destroyed by it, which makes no sense, since there is just no way simple "deformed creatures" can destroy an entire armed colony. It is insane and idiotic.

This event is a minor spoiler to the gameplay, and IMO should be removed from the game.

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