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  1. Just an encouragement for you to try text-to-speech feature in Stellaris. It is awesome!
  2. Overlord makes the existing nightmare with popup- and notification spam worse, and it even manages to break another expansion.
  3. The Leviathans story pack is shooting itself in its foot, and the damage prevents it from being truly enjoyable.
  4. This review focuses on Stellaris, a grand-strategy game in space.
  5. Bugged event disrupts the gameplay and destroys a colony for insane reason.
  6. Another game of Stellaris wasted, this time thanks to an Amoeba Swarm encountered too early in the game.
  7. Apparently Fallen Empires can magically assassinate your leader with non-existent technology, leaving you with that profound feeling of frustration. Was this really necessary? Of course not.
  8. I just hate the Abandoned Terraforming Project event, it has caused the unfortunate loss of two colonies and a great amount of frustration.

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