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A Review of Leviathans Story Pack for Stellaris

The Leviathans story pack is shooting itself in its foot, and the damage prevents it from being truly enjoyable.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-09-10 13:42

Stellaris is still broken in numerous of ways, but I guess it is one of these games that has huge potential; you truly want to enjoy it and play it right, and you even buy the expansions hoping it fixes some of the issues – but it is just getting worse.

At this point I have brought basically all the expansions, and I am really amazed at how little they add to the game, not to mention the fact that they sometimes seem to make the game worse. Which is the case with the Leviathans Story Pack.

1. The problem with Leviathans is that it adds, well, Leviathans; if encountered early in the game you might as well start over, because they will destroy your colonies, which is a frustration you truly do not want early in the game. I think they are just obnoxious pests, of which there is already too many of through standard events in Stellaris. E.g. Underground Vault, Amoeba Swarm, Fallen Empire assassinating your leader, not to mention the Abandoned Terraforming Project.

If paradox knew what they were doing, then they would have included some less strong space creatures early in the game, and reserved the stronger ones for later game.

2. A lesser complaint is that the accompanying text, when a Leviathan is encountered, is quite silly, and the attempt at being humorous just adds insult to injury. It also gives me the impression that the developers did not really put much effort into creating the expansion properly.

3. With everything the expansions adds: Leviathans, Curators. Etc. the galaxy is becoming too small on max settings. 1000 stars feel like too few when there are so many massively overpowered foes lurking.

No more popups and notifications, please

At this point we are starting to need an Expansion that removes obnoxious stuff from the game rather than one that adds more of it. I hope that not even as much as a single additional notification or popup is added via future updates, because we already have far, far too many.

Leviathans is just another element to add to my list of other frustrations with the game:

  1. There are too many popups and notifications, many of wich are completely irrelevant, and you do not know how important their contents is.
  2. Turning off the popups makes it worse, because then they show up as notifications instead.
  3. There are too many disrupting and boring events in the game that subtracts from the gameplay because of the associated popup/notification and distraction.
  4. The negative consequences of some events are too devastating. E.g. Loose an entire colony. Such events should truly be extremely rare.
  5. Ship movement is too slow, resulting in heart-wrenchingly annoying wack-a-mole, and an unengaging early game military wise.

Tell us what you think:

  1. Overlord makes the existing nightmare with popup- and notification spam worse, and it even manages to break another expansion.
  2. This review focuses on Stellaris, a grand-strategy game in space.
  3. Bugged event disrupts the gameplay and destroys a colony for insane reason.
  4. Another game of Stellaris wasted, this time thanks to an Amoeba Swarm encountered too early in the game.

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