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Underground Vault: Another Stupid Event in Stellaris

Bugged event disrupts the gameplay and destroys a colony for insane reason.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-02-11 00:25

I just ran into another stupid event in Stellaris that contributes to my already over-boiling frustration with the game; the Underground Vault event. To be clear, I do think these events should be removed from the game. There is no practical way to defend against them, and they just frustrate the players.

Underground Vault event in stellaris, colony destroyed by mutated creatures.

This time I lost another freshly established colony that apparently got overrun by so-called mutated creatures. I am not sure the developers of Stellaris are aware how frustrating and boring this is. It is such waste of time, and it is extremely disruptive to the gameplay. When such random events do occur, I would expect them to be mostly easily dealt with.

Destruction of colonies

Think about it. You are quietly tending your empire and preparing for actual serious challenges, and then some random event disturbs you with one of those horrendous popups. For something to disrupt the gameplay and divert your attention from whatever you are doing, you should think that it was something important or mildly interesting. But nope. It is just another boring throw of the dice, and of course you run the risk of loosing a colony, because there is just no warning that this might be the ultimate outcome, and fleets move too slowly to you properly dealing with the events.

And.. The reasoning is pretty senseless too.

Our main forces on Lambidus Prime have been decimated by the onslaught of the mutated creatures! The vile beasts are now roaming free across the entire colony, butchering our colonists with impunity. There are reports of survivors having fled the settlements to hide in the countryside, but it's only a matter of time before they are found by the marauding creatures.

The popup actually suggests you can still save the colony, but this is just misleading, because the colony is gone. You have to re-colonize the planet. It makes absolutely no sense that anyone would think this was a good event. Again. Fleets just move too slowly to deal with them.

Another event that is equally annoying is the Abandoned Terraforming Project Event, which has caused the loss of a few of my colonies as well.

The event is clearly bugged, because there is just no way your ships can make it in time. Not even when you have transporters about 3 hops away from the affected system.

Stay away from this event, possibly Stellaris itself.

I do not mind events

Events can be a fun part of a game like Stellaris. The problem is that there are just too many of them, and most are small and meaningless, while they typically result in disruptive popups.

Some of the events in Stellaris are also illogically destructive, and hence extremely frustrating. As a new player, you better try to prepare for the worst every time you encounter an event; you should probably have at least 6 transport ships nearby, before you activate the event. You can use them later when invading planets.

The fact that you have to read text popups, and the text is not even narrated, is annoying in itself. Of course, once you know the different events you would not really care about narration, but it is still very annoying to new players, especially because the events are so insignificant, boring, and distracting from the main gameplay. I think I got extra tired after my first few games, because I wanted to carefully read the popup text in case I might miss something. The text is practically irrelevant, and there is almost never any useful info, so my guess is that it is mostly safe to skip without reading it.

You can also disable some of the popups in the settings of the game, although I have not tried this yet. Hopefully it will remove all the event and anomaly popups, including notifications about other empires. Sigh..

Events that are impossible to react on in time is only making matters worse; I do not think the developers has completely thought through the negative effects from such horrendously slow moving fleets. It just hurts to play the game because of it — it was hurting already without the impossible events.

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